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2013 Throw 1 Deep Win with Integrity Pledge

Check out the video that was created using the Throw 1 Deep athletes.

11 Alive Spotlight

Our local tv station, 11 Alive, did a segment on the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) Carribbean Scholastic Invitational featuring Isaiah Rogers

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Mini Camp Information

We offer several camps throughout the year on Mondays, Saturdays, and one big camp in the summer.

Club Roster

Throw 1 Deep has some amazing athletes ranging from 7th grade to 12 grade. Picture: Throw 1 Deep 2014 New Balance Outdoor National Champions - Top Daniel Haugh '14 Discus and Hammer. Below Sabrina Gaitan '15 Hammer

Throw 1 Deep Alumni

We have a page specifically for the awesome kids that have come through the club. Throw 1 Deep Club has produced multiple National Champions, All-Americans, Georgia state champions & runner-ups. Many of our athletes have even made International teams.

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Latest News

  • Mini Camp Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Coach Mike Judge Named 2013 NSAF Coach of the Year
  • Mini Camp Monday April 2018
  • Mini Camp Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Mini Camp Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • Coach Mike received 2015 Ron Buss Service Award at USATF National Convention
  • Coach Ronda inducted into the GATFXCCA Hall of Fame Class of 2016
Welcome to Throw 1 Deep!
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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Throw1Deep Club Roster


2016-2017 Boys and Girls Current Roster

Boys Roster


Graduation Year


Personal Best

Alec Collins


Trinity Christian School - Sharpsburg

Javelin 59.36m

Weight 13.84m

Hammer 26.46m

Evan Hardin


Harrison High

Shot Put 39-05

Discus 115-08

Hammer 176-00

Weight 18.32m

Jay Judge


Walton High

Shot Put 42-00

Discus 122-07

Hammer 179-03

Weight 20.35m

Jeffrey Del Bagno


St. Pius X

Shot Put 38-02

Discus 129-00

Hammer 149-04

Weight 17.54m

Robert Edge


Eagles Landing Christian Academy

Shot Put 14.45m

Discus 126-06

Hammer 156-01

Weight 17.23m

Scott Fineberg


North Springs High

Shot Put 13.11m

Discus 129-04

Hammer 160-07

Weight 17.45m

Walt Klima


Archer High

Shot Put 39-09

Discus 137-07

Hammer 149-03

Weight 47-05

Omar Roberts


Marietta High

Shot Put 43-00

Discus 124-11

Weight 53-09

Hammer 40.79m

Nate Wonsley


Roswell High

Shot Put 52-08

Discus 137-02

Hammer 172-00

Weight 18.87m

Joshua Armstrong


Woodward Academy

Shot Put 40-08

Discus 143-00

Weight 16.24m

Hammer 50.94m

Kyle Brown


West Forsyth High

Shot Put 38-09

Discus 120-00

Weight 16.16m

Jamal Ellis


Alpharetta High

Shot Put 13.33m

Discus 129-06

Hammer 36.79m

Weight 15.35m

Ridvan Kazimov


South Forsyth High

Shot Put 13.34m

Discus 42.95m

Weight 17.18m

Hammer 41.65m

Brandon Smith


Lassiter High

Shot Put 40-11

Discus 100-06

Hammer 159-01

Weight 16.41m

Mason Robinson


Alexander High

Shot Put 35-04

Discus 110-11

Hammer 84-01

Weight 12.03m


Girls Roster


Graduation Year


Personal Best

Grace Artis


Roswell High

Shot Put 41-10

Discus 127-08

Hammer 159-01

Weight 49-06

Erika Earwood


South Paulding High

Shot Put 44-00

Discus 105-00

Hammer 127-11

Weight 49-11

Makenli Forrest


Woodward Academy

Shot Put 45-08

Discus 153-04

Hammer 176-08

Weight 19.17m

Natasha Stamp


Grayson High

Shot Put 45-00

Discus 137-10

Weight 16.93m

Hammer 37.75m

Sydnee Walker


King’s Ridge Christian Academy

Shot Put 43-00

Discus 107-00

Hammer 169-10

Weight 18.40m

Addie Fraker


McIntosh High

Shot Put 33-05

Discus 104-01

Hammer 40.76m

Weight 40-11

Javon Joyner


Norcross High

Shot Put 12.38m

Discus 110-00

Hammer 40.41m

Weight 14.37m

Soteria Russell


Carver High

Shot Put 13.14m

Discus 105-00

Weight 12.78m

Siddeeqa Abdurrahman


Meadowcreek High

Shot Put 10.00m

Discus 104-00

Weight 11.03m

Giselle Cruz


Meadowcreek High

Shot Put 9.72m

Discus 70-00

Weight 10.18m

Emily Danielsson


South Forsyth High

Shot Put 31-00

Discus 99-01

Hammer 127-04

Weight 37-00

Kirsen Gardner


Helena High

Shot Put 9.95m

Weight 11.63m

Karena Grigenas


Marietta High

Shot Put 10.24m

Discus 30.74m

Hammer 31.51m

Weight 11.37m

Hannah Judge


Walton High

Shot Put 26-10

Discus 92-09

Hammer 123-05

Weight 38-01

Laurel Kun


Walton High

Shot Put 37-06

Discus 88-00

Weight 42-05

Hammer 32.31m

Shannah Mallet


Creekview High

Shot Put 33-03

Discus 99-08

Hammer 45.50m

Weight 13.80m

Schuyler Heflin


North Cobb Christian Academy

Shot Put 31-03

Discus 75-06

Weight 34-11

Hammer 22.70m

O’Niece Roberts


Faith Lutheran

Shot Put 31-09

Discus 92-00

Weight 45-02

Hammer 37.10m





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